Skye has always been one to push his limits and challenge himself. When his brother-in-law Deyl ran his first ultra-marathon across the Sahara Desert and raised money for Opportunity International through his efforts, Skye immediately knew that this was a challenge he wanted to face at some point in his life.

This year, things started lining up too perfectly for him to ignore and despite major fear and doubt, he decided to lace up his running shoes and sign up for Racing The Planet: Patagonia.

First, when he saw that Racing the Planet was doing a special race in Patagonia that would fall on his 30th birthday, he knew there was no better way to kick off a new decade than pushing himself harder than ever before. Secondly, Opportunity International is an organization that is always on his heart but when he found out Opportunity was making a big push in 2017 to further their presence in Colombia, he heard God’s call loud and clear to get involved.

Skye spent the first 18 years of his life growing up in Colombia as a missionary kid with his parents and three older sisters. He learned to read and write in Spanish before English, and he has always identified more with being a Colombian than being an American (at least on the inside, on the outside he's 6’2 and 100% Swedish descent but he can’t do anything about that). Growing up, he was heavily involved in his parents’ ministry with the Covenant World Mission working alongside the Colombian people. He saw first-hand the poverty and hardships Colombians face through his parents’ ministries, many of which work with marginalized populations—the same communities in which Opportunity works.

Having the chance to partner with Opportunity and further a great cause in a country he loves is a dream come true, and gives him an internal motivation for this race that is larger than himself.

Skye graduated from Westmont College with a degree in Business and Economics and lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Kasey, 17month old daughter Isla, their french bulldog Rio and another baby girl on the way in March! His interests include following Jesus, soccer, traveling, and a good book.

Skye Sander