In 2008, Kasey attended the Opportunity International conference in San Diego with her brother, Deyl, and their family. This is where she learned about microfinance loans and how they are transforming lives all over the world. A few Opportunity International clients were there, and with translators, these women shared their stories. They had thriving businesses that allowed them to provide for their families and contribute to their community. Kasey has been impacted by their stories and the beautiful confidence and respect these women had for themselves.

Having been inspired by the amount of loans raised and the extreme challenge of her brother's journey across the Sahara and Vanessa's run across the Gobi, Kasey jumped on board for the next race. Also loving personal challenge and adventure, she is excited for this opportunity. Kasey is an All-American long jump and triple jumper so running slow, long distances is foreign to her, but with training and the motivation of raising more money, she believes she can do it. She is also excited that she can share in this experience with her husband, Skye.

Kasey grew up in San Diego and graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, where she still lives with her husband and French Bulldog, Rio. She does business development at a tech company and enjoys traveling, yoga, snowboarding, sushi and now running :)

Kasey Sander